Conquest T65R

VALVE AMPS – CONQUEST “T65R” COMBO 1×12″ with reverb

Power 50W RMS (All Tube Sound)
Class A
5 x 12AX7 and 2 x EL34 Tubes
Completely handmade
Point to point wiring
Two inputs: high & low gain
Two independent channel switching with LED control and remote switch output
Clean and lead channel each with gain, three band tone controls
Effect level and master volume
Build in 3 long springs reverb , with remote on / off switch and led indication
Parallel effect Loop (Send – Return)
Line out with volume control
Two extra speaker outputs
Combo: 1×12″ CONQUEST GOLD+ driver
Size 470W x 480H x 265D mm
Weight 29,5 kg’s

Conquest valve amplifiers

At last a range of superb professional tube amps at transistor prices …All these Class-A amps are based on Conquest technology, but custom. Use them at home, at rehearsals, in the studio or on stage, they will do the job and not let you down.
Designed and manufactured with only one simple goal in mind: make them as good as possible but keep them affordable !
These amps are all developed, constructed and built for professional use.
The electronic designs are unique and not simply copied from any other brand or existing model.
These designs are the result of the experience that the designer (also a performing guitarist) has built-up over many years in using, repairing, maintaining and modifying guitar and bass amps.
Partly made in China to keep their prices down for you, but assembled, customized and tested in Belgium by Bob Van Der Valk
What also makes them unique ?
The clean channel on these guitar amplifiers delivers a beautiful – ultra low noise – Class A sound that can compete with any other amp out there at only a fraction of the price of some other fancy brand names.
Combined with the ‘warm’ 3 spring reverb (adjustable on both channels !), you will not believe your ears.
Absolutely perfect for Jazz, Blues, Funk, pop, … but let your ears decide !
The gain channel is customized by Bob and makes these amps even more unique:
easy to adjust and extremely versatile for your favourite pure vintage sounds or rock&roll, country rock, rockabilly, Blues, …
from a clean but aggressive attack that bites your ears to a high gain sound that will make your guitar really scream, with every possible sound and sound colour in between.
On most amps you can only try to find these sounds with adjusting your gain knob between position 0 and 1, but with these customized amps you can adjust it between position 0 and 10….
Combined with the powerful bass, mid & high controls, you get a very wide range of usable sounds.
The heavy distortion that you will find on most amps is eliminated simply because it is hardly ever used on the amp itself but is mostly created with external pedals or digital effect units. Since there are so many affordable devices around, it’s no use to limit your amp in order to get these sounds.


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